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Novel Green Flame Retardant Masterbatch

YT-H is a series of new environment-friend flame retardant masterbatch developed by Guangdong Yuxing Antimony Industries Co., Ltd. It is a compound of superfine antimony trioxide particle with low-level lead. Yuxing designed her own special powder activating tech and kneading extruder to produce this YT-H series masterbatches, which compose of various carriers to be wildly applied. YT-H has excellent synergistic effect especially when being compounded with halogen flame retardant, and can be wildly used in the compounding of both engineering and general plastic.

产品型号Product Name


有效主含量Effective Component %


载体含量Carrier %


铅含量Pb (ppm)


砷含量As (ppm)


比重Specific Gravity (g/cm3)


失重温度0.5% Loss Temperature (℃)


适用范围Scope of Application


添加量Addition Amount %


36use with bromine flame retardant



White column type or circular pellets


Product Properties:
· Excellent thermal stability 
· Compatible very well with compound resin
· Pre-dispersed super-fine powders improve retardant effect and mechanical properties.
· Pelletized YT-H makes it easy for handling, accurate while measuring, and high producing efficiency.
· No visible powder leads to no dust pollution 
· User oriented YT-H carrier design
· Green and environmental friend products with REACH,ROHS certifications.


Using Method 

YT-H can be directly mixed with different resins, additives without being pre-dried. If it is in damp condition during shipping or storage, pre-dry treatment is needed before using.

Package、Shipping and Storage
· Packing: 25kgs/bag, packed in kraft paper bag.
· Please keep package integral, avoid moisture while shipping and storing. YT-H can be stored for two years in cool and dry air.

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